Baudoku – Our mission

The photographic construction documentation accompanies long-term construction projects and attempts to emphasise the continuity of the project in addition to the seamless chronological representation of decisive construction phases. The first photo should be related to the last.
We want to express our love of craftsmanship in a clear, unstaged visual language. For this, the field of construction documentation and architectural photography is probably the purest. We operate a kind of photographic preservation of historical monuments, EVERY PHOTO IS A WITNESS OF A SPACE OR PLACE that was once there, is being rebuilt, continued, overbuilt or restored. We want to capture and juxtapose change.
It is about an insight that is rarely captured. Raw walls become animated spaces, public space becomes a new atmosphere, storytelling architecture lives on. That is the magic, our fascination, which we captured in a construction documentation. When a project comes to an end, we are pleased to be able to compare the first construction phase with the last and to have fixed all the planning and work that went into it.

Baudoku – The procedure

During a preliminary meeting, we get to know you and your building project and discuss the decisive locations for the documentation on the basis of plans or a joint site inspection.
The number of decisive phases is defined. Depending on the project area, this will be the existing building – shell construction – finishing – completion or renovation.
Across all phases, we create a professionally photographed documentation of decisive, temporary moments of your building project. Moments that will no longer be visible later.
The angle and detail of the viewpoints can vary depending on the phase and content.
For architects, builders and other trades, this is the ideal form of capturing decisive stages of development.

The final product 

Of course, we also photographically and/or filmically illustrate only the final product in the interior or extiror area of your project.

We look forward to your projects!