The photographers behind BauDokuBerlin are Miriam Otte and Lidia Tirri.
They met in 2001 in a photo studio in Berlin Mitte. Lidia was a trainee photographer for commercial photographer Oli Keinath, Miriam was starting her professional training as a photographer. Joint photo projects and photo workshops already connected them at that time to their passion for photography and mediation.

“We are both very happy that after a few years of working separately, our paths are now crossing again and that we can be active together with our construction documentations, architecture and interior design photographs.

Teaching activities

2017-2018 Photography workshop leader // Sprachart Berlin, course leader photography / afternoon classes primary level // Socius Bildungspartner / Berlin
2012-2015 Photography Lecturer // SKDZ School of Art and Design / Zurich
2008 Course leader photography // afternoon classes primary level / Cosmopolitan School / Berlin
2006 Photography workshop leader // Initiative for Urban District Development / Potsdam, primary school workshop leader // La Granja Institute / Heras Cantabria / Spain
2005 Workshop leader photography // Schülerladen O-35 / Berlin




2004 “Life behind the confectionery facade” Author: Ylva Queisser | Photos: Lidia Tirri
2005 “All of the Cosmonauts – Insights and Views from the Plateau” Author: Ylva Queisser | Photos: Lidia Tirri
2006 “”A Day in Marzahn NordWest” Author: Ylva Queisser | Photos: Lidia Tirri
2007 “Wohnlabor Hansaviertel: Stories from the city of tomorrow” Authors: various | Photos: Lidia Tirri
2007 “A legmodernebb lakótelep – the most modern housing estate” Authors: Axel Halling, N.Kovács Tímea | Photos: Lidia Tirri (published in Hungary)
2009 Image production for the trade fair CPD Düsseldorf Photos: Miriam Otte, Nicola Meske
2009 Catalogue production for fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fashion & Accessories: Miriam Otte/ Nicola Mesken
2010 “34 years of buying” Authors Tilman Weitz and Olaf Gerecke | Photos: Lidia Tirri
2011 Corpus Delicti 1980, Imagebilder Möbeldesign, Magdeburg Photos: M.Otte


2021 Photo exhibition “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” as part of the European Culture Center at the Architecture Biennale in Palazzo Bembo, Venice Italy, photos: Miriam Otte and Lidia Tirri
2011 “Näköalapaikka : kertomuksia Pihlajamäestä | A place with a view : recollections of Pihlajamäki” Author: Kristiina Markkanen | Photos: Lidia Tirri (Helsinki City Museum, Finland)
2010 Photo exhibition “Your Youth”, twenty young people and their visions of the future, interviews & video presentation, Berlin Mitte, photos: Miriam Otte
2009 Photo exhibition “Stadtgerede” as part of the book project “Hallo Taxi”, Berliner Woche, Allitera Verlag Munich, M.Otte, N.Mesken
2008 Lakások, Lakosok – Apartments, Residents. The most modern housing estate -life stories from the Pécs uranium town and life behind the confectioner’s façade
Dengler and Dengler Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany N&N Galéria in Budapest, Hongary
2007 Pécs HattyúHáz (exhibition space for contemporary art) Pécs/Fünfkirchen, Hongary. Wohnlabor Hansaviertel – Stories from the City of Tomorrow Apartment in Eternit-Haus in Berlin, Altonaerstr. 1.
2005 Allee der Kosmonauten – insights and views from the slab High rise apartment in Berlin-Marzahn, Allee der Kosmonauten 145. Gallery Torstraße 203, Berlin-Mitte
Life behind the confectioner’s façade and Allee der Kosmonauten
Goethe Institute Sibiu January 2006
Goethe Institute Timisoara, December 2005
Goethe Institute Iasi, November 2005
Goethe Institute Bucharest: 3 – 30 October 2005
Life behind the confectionery facade
Goethe Institut Shanghai: 18 February – 9 March 2005
Goethe Institut Beijing: 14 March – 25 March 2005
Stalinallee – Portrait of a Czech Gata
Arbetets Museum, Norrköping, Sweden (20 November 2004 – 31 January 2005)
La vie derrière les facades style “pâtisserie” de la Stalinallee à Berlin
Goethe Institut Nancy: 18 May – 28 August 2004
Strasbourg: 30 November – 17 December 2004
Berlino: Stalinallee
Associazione culturale italo-tedesca / Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, Messina Sicily (27 September 2004 – 8 October 2004)
Life behind the confectionery façade
Goethe Institut Hamburg: 24 October 2004 – 12 November 2004
Goethe Institut Bonn: 8 September 2004 – 8 October 2004
Goethe Institut Dresden: 1 April 2004 – 28 April 2004
Stalinallee – Scene of the 17th June 1953
Municipal Museum Eisenhüttestadt: 17 June 2004 – 29 August 2004
Life behind the confectioner’s façade
Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig: 14 January 2004 – 29 February 2004
Berlino: La vecchia Stalin Allee
Goethe Institut Naples: 12 February 2004 – 12 March 2004
Goethe Institut Trieste: 10 November 2003 – 12 December 2003
Goethe Institut Milan: 30 September 2003 – 31 October 2003
Stalinallee – Scene of the 17th June 1953
Friedrichshain Museum of Local History: 12 June 2003 – 26 July 2003
Berlino: Karl-Marx-Allee
Fotografia – Festival Internazionale di Roma: 8 May 2003 – 22 June 2003
Life behind the confectionery façade
Filmlounge, Frankfurter Allee 12, Berlin-Friedrichshain: 7 J