Excerpt from the Zolliker Zumiker Boten of 10.06.2016 Old community hall shines in new splendour The community council was present in quorum. President Jürg Eberhard and his wife Denise were present, as well as Thomas Epprecht, the head of the real estate department, and his predecessor Milena Danielsen, who had initiated the project and brought it to the municipal assembly, Marc Bohnenblust, the head of the building construction department, and Christian Dietsche, the head of the society department. Of course, the president of the women’s association, Annelies Bachofen, and the head of the leisure centre, Monica Cirocco, were also present. For the opening, the Women’s Association had already moved its stalls from the provisional premises in Thesenacher to the top floor on Dorfstrasse, where they sold toys and clothes. The leisure centre had set up the cafeteria. The games rooms on the mezzanine floors with billiard table and “Töggelikasten” were waiting for the first players – in short, the new house was functional. On the opening day, many Zumikers were convinced of this – and actually all of them were delighted with the jewel that presented itself to them. Cafeteria with charm The cafeteria is bright and flooded with light. The beautiful wooden floor and the wood-panelled walls are perfectly matched by the wooden tables and the wooden second-hand chairs. All this gives the room the charm of a railway station buffet from the last century – it has become “homely”. The room opposite with the large mirror front, which is also suitable for dance performances, is also light and bright. It can also be rented for private purposes. The upper floors, where the Women’s Association has set up its bourses, were bustling with activity. The selection was overwhelming and everything was nicely arranged. The Women’s Association is really to be congratulated that especially the ladies of the toy exchange now have a more attractive workplace. They have moved from the musty, windowless basement to the roof, with a beautiful view of Zumikon.