Renovation work in Treptower Park by the landscape architects Atelier 8 The project “Treptower Park partial design in the southern park” (project duration: 09/2016 to 08/2020) is funded by the Berlin Programme for Sustainable Development (BENE) with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin (funding code 1096-B6-A). The funds are available, among other things, for the repair of further paths in the southern part of the park as well as the desilting of the carp pond and the renewal of the bank reinforcement. Planning for this began in 2017. After the submission of all approvals and the completion of the implementation planning, the tendering procedure for the implementation of the plans could begin in the second quarter of this year. The contracts for the landscaping and hydraulic engineering have now been awarded. The work will start at the end of August this year and is expected to be completed in spring 2020. First of all, sediment will be removed from the carp pond and, in parallel, a historic path (planned by Gustav Meyer) will be reconstructed to reconnect the eastern and western parts of the park. This connection will be made via the Soviet memorial, analogous to the situation already existing in the northern area. Subsequently, the renovation of the bank edging with subsequent reworking of the lawn slopes and the renewal of the surrounding paths will begin in some areas. New benches and litter bins will also be installed in these areas. Press release